People often ask us how did we get our 100+ pound shell to spin up so quickly, 2-4 seconds depending on the wheel traction on the floor.  The answer is we have found batteries that are almost unlimited in the amount of current that they can source safely, coupled with a custom spin controller the we developed with the MaxAmp batteries in mind.    We used a contactors to spin the Shell, but the power from the batteries were so great it caused the contactors to weld shut on a number of occasions.  We needed a spin controller than can output the kind of Amp these batteries could output.  We could not find an ESC on the market that would do what we needed so we developed our own.  So you can say the MaxAmp batteries fueled the technological advancements we needed to improve our robots.

Endbots provides the 3D printed parts for Electronics mounts, Tensionor Pulleys, and more.

Parrish Miller is 0ne of the best web page designers there is.  He set up our page, showed us how to maintain it, and helps when we get stuck.

CID Auto Body in San Marcos is a family owned business that does quality body and paint for a very reasonable price.   When I first used them I did a lot of shopping around, and they were close to the corporate “Earl Scheib” type places, but a family owner and operated business with very high quality at a very reasonable price.  I keep may cars forever and use CID Auto and Body whether they sponsor us or not.

Rieker Machine is the BEST machine shop in San Diego.  When we need a part done in the middle of a competition and we want it done overnight and perfectly Rieker is the shop to choose.  We have driven down from Battlebots in Long Beach to get parts they made for use overnight in order to continue in the tournament.