Meet the Robotic Death Company :





Project Manager: John

John is a self-employed Electrical Engineer with 20 years of experience. He is happily married with three children, all girls: Maria, age 9; Monica, age 7, and Melissa, age 3. His wife, Elizabeth, is also an Electrical Engineer for Qualcomm.

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Robot Designer: Carl

Carl is the mechanical genius and machinist of our team with at least one patent to his name. He is the brains behind Rambite's design and a master robot driver. He owns San Diego Towing.

Sean Listens to deep space microwaves for proof of extraterrestrial life




Embedded Systems Engineer: Sean

Sean is a self-employed Computer Engineer with 20 years of programming experience. 


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Electrical Engineer: George

George loves to eat apples.







Electrical Engineer and Pyrotechnics Expert: Neil

Neil would rather be at Burning Man.

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