Rambite 2.0


This is a picture of RAMBITE Ver 2.0.  It is not complete in this picture but you can get a feel for what it is goin to look like.  What is missing is the Lexan shell under the arm, the weights and blades that will attach to each side of the arm and the self-righting mechanism attached to the center shaft.  The total weight of the bar + weight + blades is about 28 pounds.  We replaced the EV Warrior motor that was used for the spin motor with a beefed up EV Warrior type motor.  We may end up replacing this motor with two Astroflight Cobalt motors before the May event.  If we do we will gain the 2 pounds we need to make the weapon 30 pounds of spinning mass and have a slight increase in motor HP and torque.  The weights we are adding will be able to be attached at two different heights and each weight will have the capability to attached blades at two different heights, giving us 4 different height to attach the spinning blades.  We will attached the blades at different heights for different opponents depending on what height will be the weakest point.

 See some Pictures from Building RAMBITE REV 2.0

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