RAMBITE vs. Sallad



The Fight with Sallad did not go as good as we hoped. We found out why the veterans in the pits call him the "Spinner Killer." He knocked Ziggo out last year and was rated number 5 before the tournament.

The Fight


RAMBITE made two contacts with Sallad, but the second one bent the outside portion of our shell. The bend caused the shell to rub on the chassis, which stopped us from spinning. Since we put most of our effort in creating RAMBITE's weapon, we could not compete with Sallad when it came to pushing. He pushed us around, over saws, and under the hammer.

Once when Sallad tried to ram us but missed, he got his arm stuck under the entrance ramp. From our view, we could not see what happened. We only saw was that he was not moving and he started to smoke. Sallad's efforts to get unstuck smoked his motors. They counted him out and the fight ended. We were cheering that we pulled out a victory and Dallas (the builder of Sallad) was bummed that he lost a knockout. The match ended three seconds before Sallad got counted out: he was saved by the bell. The decision was 30-15 in Sallad's favor.  He deserved the win.


We had realized after the fight we had a damaged pulley before the fight started causing us to spin at a fraction of our top speed. 


We were rooting for Sallad to win the whole thing, but he had smoked all four motors in our fight. He only needed to replace two for his next fight. We were happy to find out that the guy who beat us also knocked out the Number 1 rated Ziggo (who won the whole thing again this year.) Sallad's owner is from Indiana, and graduated with a BSEE from Purdue (just like John). He was the fourth Purdue Grad contestant that we met.


Before Fight Pics                       After Fight Pics

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