RAMBITE vs. NSyncerator



NSyncerator weighed in at 55 lb., so RAMBITE had 5 lbs. up on him. His stats said his 17 lb. blades spin at 3360 RPMs. Our 23 lb. shell spins at 1250 RPMS. We had the mass on him though, so we hoped RAMBITE could withstand the hits. We spent some time looking for NSyncerator in the pit area to help us strategize. NSyncerator had one loss by forfeit (to Evil Fish Tank) under his belt. That was from two Battlebot seasons ago.

RAMBITE faced NSyncerator: a wedge with a 17 lb. spinning blade on top. We talked to the builder before the match and he told us that RAMBITE would not have to face his spinner. We asked him why -- he told us his motor controller board fried.

On NSyncerator's bench sat a VIC883 motor controller; it was the same motor controller we used. John suggested to him he could use that Vic 883's to spin his motor. After thinking into the air for a second, he said, "good idea." He was able to get NSyncerator's blades up and running before the fight.  He had been working late into the night on his heavyweight and was not thinking clearly.

Without his spinner, NSyncerator is 17 lbs. lighter and a 38 lb. lightweight. Without his 3360 RPM spinning titanium blades attached to his hardened steel disc, it would not have been much of a fight.

It would have been an easy win without his blades! However, It was better to win against NSyncerator with full weapons than to win without them.


The Fight

When we first hit NSyncerator, white sparks flew across the arena. The crowd loved it. Every hit made sparks and NSyncerator fly! One hit sent him flying 3-4 feet back into the spikes. Then, smoke started spewing out and NSyncerator stopped moving. The crowd yelled,"hit again!," so we obliged. Knockout!


We damaged NSyncerator's body quite extensively. His 3/8 inch hardened bolts were sheared off and his titanium blades came off his spinning disc. RAMBITE tore through his front, which was a titanium armor, and cut one of his motor controllers in half. He let us keep his ripped front armor made of titanium. We also cut completely through his back frame on both corners, cut into one motor, and cut through the motor mounts. His motor came loose and the belt fell off.

We sustained no damage to any of RAMBITE's internal components. The frame, motors, motor controllers, wiring, batteries, and receiver were untouched. However, the aluminum shell got tweaked and needed to be straightened before the next fight.

Before Fight Pics                        After Fight Pics

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