RAMBITE vs. Herr GepoŁnden



Herr has a 7 pound sledge hammer on the end of a titanium arm. He spins his bot and uses the sledge hammer to inflict damage to his opponents.

The Fight


As Herr spun, we did not want to get in the way of the hammer. He did not seem able to move his hammer while he was spinning. When Herr slowed, we tried to move in to hit his body with RAMBITE's 130mph sharpened, steel blades. We hit him and he hit back. Eventually we were able to get inside the hammer and break his titanium arm. With his arm and sledge hammer detached, he was "weaker than a little girl." (You have to say this in the voice of Mike Meyers on SNL when he play Dietrich.) We, then, hit him at will and inflicted more damage to his body and tires.


Herr's owner gave us a piece of his damaged bot, but we WANTED the titanium arm we knocked off (Just Kidding)! We won by 37 to 8. We got hit by the killer saws at least once, but it did no damage to RAMBITE at all. The saws hit the outside of our reinforced 6061 aluminum ring and cut a gash in one of our hardened steel blades. RAMBITE's other hardened steel blades were bent from hitting Herr GepoŁnden. The outside rounded surface of our pot had taken a few hits from Herr GepoŁnden also, but we used a hammer and pounded it back in place after the fight. All of our steel blades had to be replaced.

After the fight, we were interviewed by Carmen Electra the Battlebot 4.0

Botbabe. Carl was in the interview chair. After the interview, she congratulated us and stuck her hand out to shake hands. Carl shook hands, but John said, "I heard that you give kisses to the winners.." The whole TV crew laughed and she gave John a hug (Woo Hoo!!).

Before Fight Pics                       After Fight Pics

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