RAMBITE vs. Bambino

We won our first fight against a veteran Bot named Bambino. You can see Bambino at www.battlebots.com. Bambino has two aluminum bats attached to the sides of a very rugged body and h slams them up and down as a weapon. RAMBITE cut one of the bats in half in the fat of the bat and knocked the other bat off completely. As a sign of good will, Bambino's owner gave us the torn part of the bat as a souvenir.


RAMBITE also damaged Bambino's body. When our low blade hit the corner of Bambino's rugged body, RAMBITE flipped upside down, however the "self-righting" mechanism that Carl designed worked and flipped RAMBITE back up! The crowd screamed when this happened. We had no damage, but a few of our blades were bent. We have plenty of spares for the next fight and another shell if we need it.

It was a spectacular fight that had the crowd screaming wildly. At the end of every fight, the announcer gets the crowd to cheer for the one they think won. Everyone cheered for RAMBITE and no one cheered for Bambino. We won by a unanimous decision. Winning by unanimous decision was so exciting...we didn't even hear the score.

Before Fight Pics                        After Fight Pics

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