RAMBITE vs. Bad News



This was our quickest fight yet, taking about 30 seconds! The first

hit to Bad News killed him. On the outside, he did not look too bad compared to the other guys we fought, but on the inside, his motor assembly was shattered into pieces. His motor assembly was inside the bot, covered with 2/3 inch lexan and framed with 1/8 inch steel, but the wheel was exposed and he could not take the heat.



Although RAMBITE did not sustain any internal damage, our hits were so hard it bent up our aluminum pot shell at the hub attachment. This caused the spin to go unstable, so we had to slow the spin down when this happened. We spent an hour between matches using 2x4s and bricks to bend the pot back into shape. The Lincoln Electric guys (they manufacture welders and Plasma torches) helped us cut out the top of one of our pots and replaced it with a much harder 6061-T6 aluminum. RAMBITE will be a much tougher bot in our next match!

This win put us into the finals that will be televised by Comedy Central. We will be facing Herr GepoŁnden.

Before Fight Pics                       After Fight Pics

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