MEGABITE is a 220 pound Horizontal spinner.  It has over 100 pounds for the spinning weapon.  The spin motor is a Briggs & Stratton Etek Motor It has weights on the end of the spining arm.  Attached to the weights are 3/4" sharpened tools steel blades.  The weights allows Megabite to have 4 different heights for the tools steel 3/4" sharpened blade.  This way we can adjust the height to optimal level depending on our opponent.  MEGABITES uses 4 24 Volt Dewalt motors for the drive train.  We are using a Motor Controllers designed for MEGABITE by an Engineering Consulting company in San Diego.  The URMC is the only motor controller on the market (When it gets there) that can go up to 60V and drive 300 Amps (150 x 2) continuous and has FET Short Circuit protection, programmable current threshold setting, and a number of other features that make it the best designed Motor Controller on the market.



MEGABITE Specifications

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