9/03 ** Update ** Megabyte takes world champion status at 9/21/03 RFL National championships --  Megabyte is the heavyweight champion of the world !!!
8/03 Megabyte competes @ Steel Conflict IV in Los Angeles at the Petersen auto museum.  Its round aluminum shell is rebuilt
7/03 Rambyte & Kill-a-byte compete in North Carolina.  IT is Killabyte's debut as a titanium spinner. It instantly becomes the #1 ranked 30# robot.
5/03 Rambyte & Rambyte Jr. compete at Steel Conflict III in Los Angeles.
5/02 Rambite & Megabite compete at the final battlebots 5.0 series at Treasure Island in San Francisco.  Rambite is spanked into
  For Details and pictures of Rambite 1.0's battles and stats from Battlebots Season 4.0, Click here.

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